Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa provides consular assistance to Saudi citizens in Canada. The Embassy also serves Canadians and other foreigners who want to visit, work, do business, or reside in Saudi Arabia.

This guide contains all you need to know about document legalization at the Saudi Embassy, including processing times, fees, and how to submit your documents.

Embassy of Saudi Arabia Canada

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Saudi Arabian Embassy in Ottawa

The Saudi Arabia Embassy in Ottawa legalizes documents that have first been authenticated by Global Affairs Canada. It does not have any other Consulates spread across Canada except for the Saudi Embassy in Ottawa.

The Saudi Embassy also offers consular services related to the provision of visas and renewal or issuance of Saudi Arabian passports, provision of proof of husband and wife, permission to travel without a mahram, traffic tickets of all kinds, and translation of a Saudi license.

Contact details

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa, Canada

Opening Hours

Visas, immigration, and other consular matters:

Payment methods

To pay for legalization services, the only accepted payment method is the ENJAZ electronic system. No other means of payment is accepted.

Here’s how to issue payment:

  1. Go to the ENJAZ website.
  2. In the top left-hand corner, choose to read the interface in English.
  3. Choose the Individuals option.
  4. Select Other.
  5. Select Electronic payment service for documents ratification.
  6. Choose the Saudi mission in Ottawa.
  7. Choose Document Ratification as the Procedure Type.
  8. Fill in the rest of the forms by following the instructions.
  9. Issue payment via credit card.
  10. Print out the receipt of the payment and make sure to attach it to the application you’re sending to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

Legalization at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa

What is Saudi Arabian legalization?

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canada can legalize your documents in order for them to be recognized as valid in Saudi Arabia. This process is also sometimes called attestation, authentication, or apostille.

However, Canada is not a party to the Hague Apostille Convention, which means that it cannot issue apostilles. Authentication and legalization are the equivalents to an apostille.

Your Canadian documents must first be submitted to Global Affairs Canada for authentication prior to being submitted to the Saudi Arabian Embassy. The Embassy of Saudi Arabia can then legalize your authenticated documents.

The Legalization process at the Saudi Embassy

You can legalize your documents by mail.

  1. Before submitting any document to the Saudi Embassy, obtain authentication first from a notary and then from Global Affairs Canada.
  2. Pay the fee through the ENJAZ electronic payment system, as explained above.
  3. Print out the receipt.
  4. Complete the legalization form, sign it, and date it.
  5. For your documents to be returned as quickly as possible, include an XPRESS CANADA POST envelope with your complete address and phone number. Keep a copy of the tracking number for future reference.
  6. Send the envelope with your documents to the following address:
    • Saudi Consular Section
      Legalization department
      201 Sussex Dr.
      Ottawa, ON, K1N 1K6
  7. The above applies to all legalizations. Below, there are additional instructions related to different types of documents. Review these to see if any of the instructions apply to you.


Additional instructions

To legalize export documents:

  1. You also need to fill in the Export Information Sheet (EIS) form.
  2. Include a letter that explains the nature of the documents and the fact that you want them legalized.
  3. Every set of commercial documents must also have a commercial invoice and a certificate of origin.
  4. Include a copy of all the documents and attach them to the EIS form.


To legalize pet documents:

  1. A breed certificate must be prepared and signed by your vet.
  2. Your vet must also provide you with a health certificate.
  3. The breed and health certificate must be stamped by a notary, then by Global Affairs Canada.
  4. You’ll need a copy of your residency (IQAMA).
  5. Attach one copy of each document to the legalization form.


To legalize birth and marriage certificates/ personal power of attorney

  • Include a copy of the relevant passports.


To legalize educational documents

  • Include proof of residency.


To legalize a Saudi driver’s license

  • You’ll need a certified translation or a printout from the authorities in Saudi Arabia.
  • The date of issue, name, and date of birth must be present and correct for the license to be legalized.

Embassy of Saudi Arabia In Ottawa Legalization FAQ

Personal documents cost CAD 15 to legalize. There is no fee attached to export documents.

Firstly, your documents need to be authenticated by Global Affairs Canada prior to submitting them to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. They can typically authenticate your documents on the same day if you’ve prepared the documents correctly and are submitting in person.

Due to COIVID-19, Global Affairs Canada is only accepting authentication requests by mail. The process takes a minimum of 15 days, excluding postage time.

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia then typically takes 10 business days to process and legalize your documents.

This may seem like too long, and it can be, especially if you don’t submit the correct documentation. At Document Authentication Canada, we streamline the authentication process, saving you time and money. Get in touch with us on 1-855-700-5840 for a free document evaluation and quote.

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia legalizes the following types of documents:

  • Export documents
  • Pet documents
  • Patent registrations or applications
  • Power of attorney
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Pharmaceutical certificates
  • Registration statements
  • Declarations
  • Degrees
  • School records
  • Letters of experience
  • Medical reports
  • School and university registration letters, etc.
  • Saudi driver’s license
The Embassy of Saudi Arabia reserves the right to refuse to legalize any document based on the Saudi Government rules and regulations.

Yes, you do. Some educational documents also need to be authenticated by the Saudi Cultural Bureau before being legalized. This is only required for some documents, not all. For this authentication to happen, you’ll need to present a formal job offer from a company in Saudi Arabia, and a copy of the contract.

Remember, first you need to have your educational documents authenticated by Global Affairs Canada, then by the Saudi Cultural Bureau (if applicable), and then legalized by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa.

Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canada

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Other Consular Services offered by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canada

Apart from legalization services, the Saudi Embassy in Ottawa provides services for Saudi Arabian nationals residing in Canada and for Canadians and other foreigners who are traveling or moving to Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Embassy also offers consular services related to the provision of visas and renewal or issuance of Saudi Arabian passports, provision of proof of husband and wife, permission to travel without a mahram, traffic tickets of all kinds, and translation of a Saudi license.

These services include:

  • Visa provisions
  • Renewal or issuance of Saudi Arabia passport
  • Provision of proof of husband and wife
  • Permission to travel without a mahram
  • Traffic tickets of all kinds
  • Translation of a Saudi license


With regards to visa provision, it will take 10 days to process from the day the completed visa application is registered at the Saudi Embassy. The visa application can be found here.

Here’s a list of all the types of visas you can obtain from the Saudi Embassy, as well as how much each one costs:

Type of Visa Fee in Saudi Riyal
Single entry, 30 days period of stay
One year, Multiple entry, 90 days period of stay
Business Visit
300 SAR
300 SAR
Relatives & Friends Visit
300 SAR
300 SAR
300 SAR
300 SAR
Event Visit
300 SAR
300 SAR
Tourist Visit
300 SAR
Missions and Organizations Visa (non-diplomatic or special passports)
300 SAR
300 SAR
Diplomatic and Special visa
Treatment (governmental)
Treatment (private)
300 SAR
300 SAR
Student (governmental)
Student (private)
Governmental Visit
Paid by sponsor
Temporary Work
Paid by sponsor
Seasonal Work
Paid by sponsor
Paid by sponsor
Exit Re-Entry Extension
100 SAR for every month after the expiry date of the visa (penalty)
300 SAR for validity, and a period of stay of 96 hours
Hajj and Umra Visa
Processed through agents

Saudi Arabian Embassy FAQs

Yes, it does. Saudi Arabia has an Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. These are the contact details:

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa
Ottawa 201, Sussex Drive
K1N 1K6 Ottawa,
Ontario Canada

Tel: 001-613-2374100 / 001-613-2374101
Fax: 001-613-2370567
Email: [email protected]

You can contact the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Canada via the contact details above or through the contact form available on the official Embassy website. There is no Saudi Arabia Embassy Toronto or Saudi Arabia consulate in Vancouver.

Permits to reside, work and/or study in Canada are granted by the Canadian authorities and not the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

For information on working in Canada, you should visit the Citizenship and Immigration website.

Canadian citizens are being urged to avoid non-essential travel to any country – including Saudi Arabia. If you urgently need to fly to Saudi Arabia, make sure to contact the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa to get the latest information on the correct procedure.

In normal times, the Canadian government recommends being very careful when visiting Saudi Arabia due to risk of terrorist attacks and security incidents. It advises to stay at least 80km away from the Yemen border due to rocket, missile, and mortar attacks. It also suggests avoiding non-essential travel to Abha International Airport and Al Qatif and its suburbs – the former because of missile and drone attacks, and the latter because of ongoing tensions that can create unrest.

Yes, you do, unless you’re a national of one of these countries:

  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates
A full price list is available in the Types of Visa table above.

You can apply for a Saudi Arabia visa online. Simply follow the instructions as found on the portal. You’ll need:

  • A passport-style photograph
  • A passport with at least six months validity
  • A credit or debit card to pay the Saudi Arabia eVisa fee
  • An email address

Umra visas are issued every year, starting from the month of MUHARRAM till the end of SHAWWAL. Umra visa applications are processed through agents. You can find a list of travel agencies in Canada that are licensed to organize Umra visits on the official Embassy website.

Hajj visas are processed through agents licensed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umra. You can find a list of Saudi visa agents in Canada, including visit programs, service packages, and fees on this website.

It depends on the visa you apply for but general turnaround time is 10 days.
No, Canada does not issue or recognize apostilles because it is not a party to The Hague Apostille Convention.
Strictly speaking, you cannot get an apostille in Canada. You can obtain an equivalent instead, and this is called authentication and legalization. The legalization section of this guide contains more information on the process to follow for Canadian documents intended for use in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, it does. There is an Embassy in Riyadh and a Consulate in Jeddah. These are the contact details:

Embassy of Canada in Riyadh

Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
P.O. Box 94321, Riyadh, 11693, Saudi Arabia

Tel: 966 (11) 202-3200
Fax: 966 (11) 488-1997
Email: [email protected]

Consulate of Canada in Jeddah

Ali Reza Tower, 12th Floor, Medinah Road,
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
P.O. Box 9484, Jeddah, 21413, Saudi Arabia

Tel: 966 (12) 653-0597 / 966 (12) 653-0434
Fax: 966 (12) 653-0538
Email: [email protected]

The Saudi Ambassador is H.E. Ambassador Naif Bin Bandir Alsudairy.

You can apply online to renew your Saudi Arabia passport. You’ll need to fill out the electronic passport registration form and attach a copy of your passport – for both yourself and your companions. Do not attach photos larger than 2MB. Then, specify your travel destinations.

In principle, yes, but it’s a lengthy process. Canadian citizens seeking employment in Saudi Arabia need to apply for and be granted an employment visa prior to entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The process may take four to six weeks and involves multiple steps, including a thorough medical, education verification, and a police report.


You should now have a better understanding of the legalization process at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Ottawa, together with the other consular services offered at the Embassy.

Notarizing and translating your documents, authenticating them, and then applying for legalization can be a complicated and lengthy process. There are multiple entities involved, as well as specific procedures to follow.

At Document Authentication Canada, we help facilitate the legalization of documents in Canada, including document authentication for Saudi Arabia. We navigate through the bureaucracy on your behalf so that you avoid unnecessary delays. Get in touch with our expert team on 613-229-6674 to request a quote and a free document evaluation.

Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canada

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